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Mélisande Leduc

Account Executive & Translator

Before joining BrandAide, Mélisande was Senior Translator and Reviser at Eli Lilly Canada Inc. where she was responsible for the translation of a wide range of materials into French. For all the passion she brings to her role, what she loves most about being a translator is the opportunity to learn.


At BrandAide, Mélisande’s wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in-depth knowledge of medical terminology is put towards translating CME materials into French, ensuring a high level of accuracy and quality. Mélisande also acts as an Account Executive for the Quebec region.


Born and raised in Montréal, Mélisande is fluent in both French and English. She holds a Master of Translation from Université de Montréal. An avid and experienced scuba diver, she has travelled as far as Indonesia and Africa to indulge her passion for the underwater world.

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