Alison Reid

Vice President

Alison has spent 17 years in various Medical Affairs roles within the Pharmaceutical industry honing her skills and expertise as a Medical Education Specialist. Throughout this time she has been widely successful in over 9 therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics and Cardiology.  Her success not only includes working in multiple regions around the world (Canada, Asia, Middle East and Latin America) with a vast array of cultures and Key Opinion Makers in regards to education, but her wide array of experience has also allowed her to launch over 13 Products in these challenging therapeutic areas.  Her expertise in Thought Leader Engagement and Strategic Assessment of learning needs allows her to succinctly develop and implement programs that not only induce learning but ultimately affect behavioural change.    

Alison has developed a long standing expertise in Speaker Training, Advisory Board Implementation and Facilitation/Presentation skills.  She has effectively trained, facilitated, and brought together world leaders in multiple therapeutic areas and disease concepts.

She is passionate about adult learning and how to induce behaviour change.  Much of Alison's success is understanding that Education is merely the process of facilitating learning.  Learning on the other hand, is the resultant change in behaviour with positive outcomes. 

Sports and spending time with friends and family are the ways in which Alison relaxes and rejuvenates.  

Unit 11, 1673 Richmond St. PMB 202

London, Ontario

N6G 2N3

Tel: 416.454.7877

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